Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SC melted pounds but T Day on gained weight feel badly but put on new SC Outfit and first SC bra want to look like Karen

When I first started soul cycle I had a dramatic weight loss I'm sad to say I've put on some pounds and for me a few pounds is like aging in dog years it just feels awful but I found my smile this morning anyway because I love this outfit so much.  I bought it last night hot off the rack.  

My goal is to lose my tummy. Hipster got attacked at the doctors I gained a lot of weight and having weird wait swings fibroid tumors have grown which is really upsetting and age 52 they should be shrinking the symptoms are worse by the way but I decided I can't wait till I lose weight I want to just wear my Soul Cycle dream outfit now and pretend I would like Karen.   It's of Noa's class in the morning and just loved it and him he's just marvelous.  I walked out without putting my little Soul Cycle cover-up on top of my bra and really kind of felt unsure and Priscilla this amazing woman that works really hard there saw that and encourage me made me feel good about myself is just so loving you just dream of having people like that in your life. 

Good to Karen's class at night and I have to say point is really tired but it's such a disturbing day getting my fibroid tumors measured and a scan to see what's going on I don't want to even think about what are my options and I don't trust Western medicine.  Old days it would just give women hysterectomies I think to pay for doctors golf memberships and hubcaps for their fancy cars.  The technician did say the tumors there were some big ones which made me sad she said there's a lot of tumors and I knew there were but I thought they were small except for one pedunculated.    

I got to say just is too much sometimes it's overwhelming so I just go to Soul Cycle's much as I can in today starts my challenge to go to seven classes nine days so I can be on the warrior wall.  

Can stay home and be miserable and feel bad or try to safely work out spider dangerous amounts of scar tissue on my right Achilles tendon some trying to be super careful stretch massage and ice.  

I have terrible pain in my neck and I can't get that treated along with the Achilles' tendon.   Just getting healthcare medical care is still a nightmare for me and other people around the country it's just terrible
I work out as hard as I can as safely as I can at soul cycle trying to lose weight because to be middle-age you have problems with your knees and Achilles tendons and feet and the last thing I need is to be overweight so this is the best solution to lose weight to help my joints to work on my self-esteem and to feel good because as a sad soul cycle see your soul matters.  

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