Thursday, October 2, 2014

2 days in a row since Crazy Violent Attack at MD's 2 years ago I now am under 157 pounds!

I told myself if Noa can lose over 100 pounds I can lose 10 or 15....

After the attack I went from 150 to 145 I could not eat and than after all the abuse from NYPD IAB and now the DA I went up to 164 -- I thought wow at age 52 this is the point of no return.

So happy this is day to of weighing about 156.5 --- yeah!!!!!!!!!

Soul Cycle is amazing..... I thought wow this is way too expensive and now I think wow Soul Cycle is so worth it!!!!!

I had a hard time keeping up with class today -- neck is really hurting -- the physical therapist is amazing but wow do I have pain....I do small moves to the music which is good since my neck is stiff.

I didn't have anything to drink but I feel like I have an emotional hang over.

I was over eating so much it feels good not to be over eating which really is a lot of work for the body.

My body needs rest --that is the biggest challenge.

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