Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I have a low grade cold I want to support my friend Saturday to Try Soul Cycle to Help Save her Life a Noa like Change and also take SC 101

I am run down -- it has been too much with a list of legal actions I have to take in a matter of a week to the next 60 days and I did a protest demanding NYPD reform where more Police and Press showed up than protestors.  I am taking legal actions against all government agencies and individuals including at the Manhattan DA that I allege more than failed to uphold their oath...too tired to elaborate but sadly messed up Federal laws protect abuse corruption and even crimes so the goal isn't to win the lawsuits but to take them as far as I can and present them in front of a Senate Committee if I still have the stamina when we get my dream to testify to change federal laws and hold the police, internal affairs and the DA accountable.

I am exhausted just thinking about it

That being said my life long friend of what 49 years does not have much time because she is back in school but I want her to have a Noa like transition so I am taking a train up to meet her for her first SC class and than jumping back on a train Saturday to take my first SC 101.

I am run down...I have to be very careful because my achilles tendon is swollen and I have to stop walking so much.

I am finally just barely under 156 pounds but tomorrow I could gain a pound or two because of over eating no SC and severe insomnia.

I am so exhausted.  I got one solid hour of sleep last night and was up most of the night.

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