Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soul Cycle Despite Removable Cast I am going to 2 Classes today due to PTS

I am getting counseling from the Anti-Violence Project for the violent assault and my counselor warned me I can have moments and I do....I am straight but not stereotypical so and the attack was so violent and hateful...AVP studies violence and I asked for the attack on me to be included.

Soul Cycle is helping me and today I could barely get through Noa's superb class with super high spiritual uplift the Soul Cycle fortune in the fortune cookie "Stop thinking thoughts that scare you."

I had lunch with a dear friend who has only known me 31 years as opposed to my childhood girlfriend who has known me for 48 years.....  I didn't like the food we ate and even the virgin bloody mary's we drank had to be bloat city although fitness pal says good fiber...

so I decided to take another risk and I spoke to the SC manager she is rocking awesome person and I feel confident now I can talk the class and Anthony F won't get a whip when I can't keep up.

I am tired but I ate so much and I want to step on the scale tomorrow 3 days in a row and weigh under 157 pounds since I had the large weight gain post the attack.

Really funny well written review -- hilarious.....

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