Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soul Cycle Anthony F Amazing

He is really kind and considerate and he is funny - wow - he is amazing to watch --  they could offend feminists but anyway he's terrific  I can't praise him enough he is incredible and I was able to regain myself and feel so much better.   

This morning with Noah who I love I just was having a hard time even keeping up but tonight I got to say I felt better I still have to very careful because my neck is killing me my Kelly's tendon is a little swollen but it's so much better so this is a miracle that I'm able to heal a distended Achilles tendon that's been really swollen at some point both of them have some beginning to heal and able to soul cycle I just wear my removable cast everywhere but Soul Cycle.  

I'm icing right now and then I do massage.  

I'm so traumatized from the assault and everything that happened so I did more shopping soul cycle shopping therapy and I also bought my mother soul cycle shirt.     

My Mom is being ravaged by Parkinson's plus but she takes her soul cycle back everywhere and now she's going up a cool shirt to wear too.  

I also love this instructor Julia and I hope in a week to start taking her class as I heal and get in better shape. 

Noa has been my number one go to guy to his classes I've learned to love Soul Cycle and I love his spiritual peptalk's and funny talk.  

I haven't learned that sexy kind of bicycle dance swagger thing yet there's a lot of subtleties I haven't learned but I just can't tell you how much better I feel so incredible after I take a class. 

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