Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Soul Cycle Shopping Spree Before 8am Plus I am 156,6

I told Soul Cycle today is my birthday not my real birthday but because of the savage attack I have to give birth to myself again I have to find my happiness my sexiness my slimness reclaim myself and today for the first time I broke 157 pounds when I was attacked I was about 150 after the attack I drop down 145 rapidly because I was preparing for false arrest for being punched running punched my head!!!  The NYPD 60 to dinner crime of course and I drop charges against my will because I just could not go to jail for the first time at age 50 with a hole in my retina and cervical damage bulging and herniated discos in my cervical spine my eyes damage with floaters from her grabbing my hair pulling my neck back. 

I am now confident one day I will testify in front of the U.S. Senate about what happened to me and help to make federal changes that hold all parties accountable and said of all guilty parties walking and they will not walk because the power of the Internet is a comfort to know that I have YouTubeland  justice

Today I stepped on my wife thing scale and it said 156.6.     Before I join Soul Cycle I had gone back up to hundred and 64 I would yo-yo between 157 and 164 pounds and I thought there was no hope for me at age 52 but I would never break through this wall but today on October 1 I did breakthrough by .4 pounds.    

I'm going to protest later and if I can find the strength I'm going to go to a class at Soul Cycle tonight but I may be too tired I just love Soul Cycle like some fantastic lover that just is the best I got this T-shirt that says you're worth it from Soul Cycle.  

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