Sunday, October 5, 2014

Over Ate Brunch Feel Ill Nap SC later :)

I tend to eat too fast as if someone's gonna take my food I'm about to be sent to a concentration camp it's really kind of sad.   

Was so upset I barely slept last night it wasn't time to eat I just felt like I've got to get the soul cycle I just have to be in the large crowded room with people with one goal positive so happy goal.   

It was a lot of phone calls discussions political overwhelming plus legal to pursue justice I'm just wiped out so I picked out in such a bad feeling it's just awful I felt nauseous after.

I stopped biting my nails.  Treating myself to manicure pedicure and then I have to lay down I can't wait to take soul cycle again with Noa.  Again if I don't have the strength to do it all and I have to number one put my safety my healing first that's okay it's just about being in a group of really positive people and doing some cardio supposed to help my mind and body and I could see I'm losing weight is awesome.  

Thanks to Soul Cycle I'm not going to slide into obesity and my middle-age.  

And soon as I'm done I can't wait to get home and lay down I need desperately

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