Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Soul Cycle today sad

My Mom can barely walk very sad and I'm convinced the Parkinson's medicine which a specialist told her she should more is not helping.  

I didn't get to take Soul Cycle so I didn't ice my leg and I had to do a lot of walking unfortunately so my tendon looks swollen today which makes me sad.  

Today is the highest holy Jewish holiday it's a happy holiday even though you fast I'm knocking to be fasting because of some health issues today's going to be a rest day including no soul cycle.  

Two days in a row no cell cycle but I'm under 157 pounds just barely the first time since he attack and the big weight gain PTS severe insomnia 164.  

Last night is the first night I slept deeply and I made it till 5 PM without having to get up go to the bathroom and stay up for hours upset and traumatized.  

My Judge Allison Nathan finally getting around to mailing me her dismissal of my case but her last sentence saying I could pursue it and stay court is the reason or the Jewish Holiday and the fact feel my soul is clean no matter how evil these people from the MD to NYPD, Internal affairs and the Manhattan DAs office are I can thank God my soul is clean. 

I feel like soul cycle is helping me set excorsize  demons and I tell myself all the pain and suffering all the evil cruelty it's their bad karma.  

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