Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Noa Class Very Hard Being Out Sick for a Week

I'm still not 100% well I still have little cough and my throat and my ears feel a little blocked but I want to trying get back my life and SC is EU to release and this 45 minutes that makes me feel so much more positive and optimistic so I went back the boy I did not enjoy the class.  

A couple times I almost loaded have to walk out but I minutes and had a really hard time.  I put down my weights for a couple minutes cause I just couldn't do it but I was shocked when I stepped on the scale Withing said I weighed last than this am so I'm maintaining the weight loss from the big weight gain after getting attacked at the doctors caused from insomnia PTS.  

And did have super bad insomnia last night which means functioning really hard today.  

I hear Noa will be back this week and I do really miss him and his music and his positive words.   

I learned a lot from the 2 of 3 101 classes so I felt my abs and my glutes for the first time really working because learning the positioning of the body etc.  

The greatest news is I think I've learned to set up the bike and clip in clip out of my shoes.  I was so scared to crap out because my Kelly's tendons one is tight and the other is distended but Karen in 101 taught me safe way to clip out.  

I want a vegan SC form fitting MC jacket and subtitles or neon board of instructors flashing their uplifting words or instructions. 

I do get frustrated when I can't really hear the instructor because music is too loud.  

I love self like on right now it's the most positive force in my life.   I also found this Rabbi on youtube that gave me a spiritual uplift on seeing life in a more positive way. 

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