Saturday, October 11, 2014

Soul Cycle Bez I Can't Afford Obesity

Soul Cycle Bez I Can't Afford Obesity

The medical doctor treating me for insomnia told me to start doing cardiovascular exercise and at specific times the day to help me to sleep better so that's yet another reason but I can't believe it's a miracle at age 52 instead of going the road of obesity I've been able to turn in the opposite direction because of trauma and abuse violence at a doctors office the police and the Manhattan DA I gained so much weight it was shocking so it's a miracle that I've now lost probably about 9 pounds at age 52!!!!!!

I wear a removable cast for my Achilles tendon which is been swollen at times distended for over two and half years so my new doctor put me in a cast and thank God I continued on doing soul cycle because I've now lost 9 pounds so if you have damage knees and Achilles tendons that are distended  and you lose weight that's better for all your joints 

I'm taking Julia's class and she's a very beautiful person I love her so sweet and uplifting,,,,

SC exercises excorsizes demons out of your body. 

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