Monday, October 27, 2014

Insomnia Feel Asleep Woken up 3:40 am 4 Legged furry friend poops in his bed

There's no way I could do soul cycle today to physically weak.   Thar is how felt Sunday am 

 I wasn't 100% better but I tried to get to class and did but a boy I didn't enjoy it.  But I love soul cycle and I could feel a difference in my body and my mind so it's glad I went.  

I coughed a lot last night going one ear yours feels blocked by throats burning --

I don't own horses and I don't want to own them but in this dream I had this course was like a creamy white horse and I don't like Arnold Swartsenegger and he was in the dream -   I needed help transporting this course was really intense and being aware of it at all times and feeling connected to it I really not sure that I was afraid of it being able to control it remember artworks like a sewer about Halloween something they felt bad that my artwork wasn't getting this attention it shoaid it was exhausting dream only to be woken up by the ferry and pleasant smell so upsetting   

I don't know how I'm going to function today and said I just want to go to soul cycle wish I could go every day.  

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