Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Soul Cycle Noa Lost over 100 lbs I've lost 8 lbs

I expect some little ups and downs on the scale but approximately I've lost 90 pounds since I had extreme weight gain after I was attacked at the doctors office I do have severe insomnia which makes my middle get bigger and fatter looking and I have fibroid tumors but the lack of sleep does feel like it's killing me I really need sleep and wish fitness pal (free ap) had sleep as part of their stats because I've no doubt the lack of sleep is affecting me and my health in the worst way.  

The Md that evaluated my sleep disorder which is obviously from trauma poster md  stress wants me to do much more cardiovascular exercise especially 56 hours before I go to sleep. 

I want to do Soul Cycle even more but I have a swollen Achilles  tendinitis with a lot of scar tissue and I have to be careful I don't rip it.   Is booted for now and removable cast and I'm glad I made the choice to continue training with Soul Cycle because to lose 8 pounds is going to help my joints especially my knees I've had two knee surgeries on my right knee and I have no cartilage left in either knee also both tendons in my Kelly's can get very swollen so it's better for them it's just better for my health to have dropped aprox 8 pounds.   

I'm out 67 pounds away from what I weighed when I was attacked and about 10 pounds away from what I weighed when I was preparing for false arrest the correct detective want me to wait for days till Saturday 4 PM for me to turn myself and if I didn't drop charges against my attacker.  I could not eat I was so sickened by the police abuse violence lies and threats.  

I really wish I could go to Soul Cycle today but I'm really too tired and I feel rundown today is the day I have to rest.  

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