Sunday, October 5, 2014

2 Days No SC Tendon worse 3 hours Sleep PTS DA Rubenstein Alleged Rape My Case Freaked

I wore blue last night in bed it's to help heal the Kelly's tendon I'd stop sleeping in it and I need to I barely slept and decided I'm going to Julia's class I love her she is so bright and it's a joy to watch her and joy to be part of the class which was packed.   

I'm having a lot of neck pain despite the physical therapysays very careful to trying keep my neck centered over my shoulders and careful with my Kelly's tendons to keep my feet pretty much parallel to the floor except when we do gentle stretches at the end.  

I'm upset I either have rapid weight gains or rapid weight-loss is all the sudden I'm losing weight dramatically I can't believe it I'm in shock.  

I'm icing my leg right now the Kelly's tendon I'm going to massage and stretch it I have to go do some legal work and then a big brunch eating anything and everything I want and tonight I go back to Noah for I hope some spiritual uplift I just hope he says all the right things like he did last class.   

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