Saturday, October 11, 2014

Julia was Great Missed Noa

Julia is just a sweetheart I love her one day I want to get a little 50 bra and pants and have my midriff just looking smoking like hers.   

I think at the front desk they think I have a crush on Noa but I don't I just really am grateful could see more than anyone gives me hope that I can drop the weight I gained from the trauma in shock and abuse and find my way back at age 52..

I did finally hi5 know it's something he wants everyone to do I finally did it last class because I'm so thrilled that I've lost a significant amount of weight I am on my way back and I definitely attribute that to his inspiring me.  

 I'm excited the front desk got me signed up for Soul Cycle 101 so I'll be taking three classes to learn the basics which I've yet to really learn I can't wait to drop some more waiting to get that sexy thing happening on the bike so far kind of a leading me today my shoulders were up to my ears I was very very tired I'm icing my Achilles tendons actually both right now and I've got a rest resting is going to become the number one priority for my healing mind body and spirit.  

The hardest thing about trauma violence being a victim of violence the doctors violence that was verbal by the police and threats was horrific and even the DA I felt they were violent and just really horrific is you don't get rest and your body mind really need sleep but I have not gotten to sleep I need a last two years so the sleep disorder empty thinks if I do a lot more cardiovascular and I'm going to start sleeping better.  I think this is true especially with Soul Cycle because they emphasize positive minded thinking it really helps.   

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