Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Noa Class Rocked Teenage Wasteland My Highpoint

Teenage wasteland is not my all-time favorite song but for some reason I just loved bicycling today!!!!!

Noa's class rocked but what really made me happy was when he played teenage wasteland... I was so tired at first at a hard time getting into it but then I did tell myself it's not important that I keep up with everyone or do it all.  

What is important is being happy and it's a party it's like a party out of bicycle filled with positive minded people it makes me so happy.   It's my time to not think about all the pressures and stress and strain and the goals I have that may be way too lofty but I have them.  

I've never function with so little sleep in my life and I've had a lot of weight gain so I went to Soul Cycle I started losing weight right now I've leveled off and I can't wait to have another soul cycle weight-loss.

Noa told us about a film he saw what she kind of didn't care for but he said that the two most important days of your life but the day you're born in the day figure out why you were born something like you figure out why your promise or like what we here to do was from the movie the opening of the film.  

Noa makes me laugh.  Noa, Julie and Anthony F are my favs.  There's a really cool teacher I took a class at Union Square but I can't remember her name but I have to say Noa is the one who really got me into Soul Cycle.

It's really worth the money because obesity is just too expensive and I was heading back to the place I never once return when I went to college and gained 40-50 pounds.   My joints can't take it I've so many problems with my Achilles and my knees so I'm so thrilled I'm starting to lose weight and it makes me feel better about myself.  

 I had to leave Soul Cycle early to get to Police reform meeting but I had to do this for myself I just have to have my soul cycle time or just it just feels like a life aint worth it right now without soul cycle😉.

It's really sad I want to get medical care the doctors office and left with severe injuries and then brutality by the police of those lucky was verbal threats and not physical could've turned into that fight shown up for false arrest which I agreed to twice.  

I'm filing appeal for my lawsuit that I sue the NYPD without going to the process of fulsome arrest me neither is little hope but I had to do it and I've been told the appeal again it will be a little hope but again I have to do it I want to be on record.  

If you're going to have to file ethics violations against lawyers involved in my case at the DAs and this is just a lot on my shoulders but I've got to do it and then I want to file a notice of claim so one real stress reliever for this all this work or because I was attacked talked or saw the fire arrested and the priest write me so I spent all this time trying to cope trying to understand but I don't have a lot agree and knowing that it's not about winning it's about being on the record trying now I have a big goal One day my dream is to testify in front of the U.S. Senate and help to bring federal change new laws that holds the police, internal affairs  and the DA accountable.

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