Friday, October 17, 2014

Family Dog Died Like Dad Heart Crying No Soul Cycle Ice Cream Sundae Cycle

Crying sad.  

I had overeat my old puttered it's too sad too much stuff and I've been harassed by yelp review my code keeps getting close by I believe in my piggy of the woman who attacked me violated me Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying receptionist.  

I'm exhausted and rundown have a little cold I want to small victory getting the age restriction with it off the YouTube of the attack because I said hey you have Dr. Phil primetime daytime with a kid hitting his mom though it's restriction Ray Rice no age restriction but me again and censorship just like the yelp review but I'm going to keep fighting I went to federal court today paid all the money I have to pay to file an appeal and I'll be moving to appelate court.  

Tomorrow is Soul Cycle going to a different place out of the city to be with a best friend her first time doing soul cycle and then rushing back here to do it beginners class because I want to learn the 101 said I do not know. 

As agreed I got to say I'm really looking forward to Noa's bday SC Sunday.   

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