Thursday, October 30, 2014

Noa Soul Cycle Shaman Lifts My Soul Heart Up From Sadness

Noa the Shaman started with that song by one of the Beatles little darling here comes the sun...

So moving I heard the words in different way no was telling us to have faith to let go of the fear and letting the happiness the trust faith that things will work out and spread the joy spread a good feeling out into the world.   

He played a really avant-garde riders on the storm with Jim Morrison and again there was a spiritual message there man to the class again with hope and optimism not to let fear rule but joy and hoping positiveness rule share that out in the world.  
I'm overweight but I acted more like a man wearing my little bra and my soul cycle pants even though I'm not technically swim I just wanted to give myself that is the goal and one day I will be in class slimmer and fitter and trimmer.   

I'm still weak from being sick it's in my throat my ears a little bit I'm still coughing the insomnia has been a killer.    The trauma really spend too much but this morning even when I got decaf coffee there was this angel woman who is telling me to have faith have hope that there's this higher power above all the corruption that's going to somehow make things right she was incredible she was like Noa. 

His name is such a powerful biblical name when it comes to soul cycle certain way he's really living up to that name.   

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