Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Noa's class I can go to a lot not feel burnt out

I'm having problems with my Achilles tendon so I'm going to have to chill which includes I've been walking too much but no his class is by far my most favorite I love all my soul cycle teachers they all share wisdom but I find I can see him a lot and not feel bored or burned out and I really do like his pearls of wisdom and he's funny he's very funny whether he knows it or not I find him funny.

As I left early unfortunately to get to my next destination I did yell I love you you're the best.


There's no other instructor that got me to love soul Cycle like he did I think a lot of instructors want to get this perfect image and he is not perfect which makes some kind of even better.

He also gives you some quiet time it's just your own and I find a lot of classes these days there's very little that with the instructor just constantly talking and talking and talking so I'd like some times to have a little quiet in the dark and listen to the music I love that actually.

Most of all I've lost 8 pounds since I gained so much post the attack at the doctors.   It is 52 I was scared I would never lose all the weight I gained from the poster medic stress of violent attack and all that followed it was horrific and now I really have hope I'm on my way for the first time I really think I cross the threshold the barrier and I just would look at Noa and say Picabo's over hundred pounds I can lose 10 or 15 or 20 pounds.

I love soul cycle I wish I could do it every day but I can't until least 10 and is a swollen.

I've been getting physical therapy for my neck because it hurts so much and I'm switching to my achilles tendon to trying finally get it healed after 2 1/2 years of being swollen and or distended.

Had a lot of problems with both Achilles tendons in both knees but Soul Cycle's making me feel that after 13 years since my second knee surgery I might be getting my right leg stronger with weaker -before Soul Cycle

Soul cycle gives me hope on so many levels including physical as well as emotional and spiritual. 

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