Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Soul Cycle New fashion Released today good day to shop 2 yr anniversary savage attack MD Office gov agencies fixed goal to testify US Senate Change Federal laws and accountability

NY Post Sally Brompton Horscope:


This may be an emotional time in your life but there are people who love you and are always there for you and if you are smart youwill call on them today. Not only will they ease your fears but they will make you laugh as well.

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Today is a painful day but actually every day since the attack has been in every government agency that could did fix it the NYPD internal affairs now the Manhattan DA the amount proof I have a staggering but okay I realize yesterday the only way I'm going to get justice is now to testify in front of the US Senate and help to bring change along with victims families his love ones have been murdered and they believe the DA fix that for the cops as well.   On the federal level if a cop doesn't feel like investigating a crime they don't have to know matter how horrific they cannot be sued and held accountable.  Too often the DA is court fixing for cops to do heinous acts and or crimes like coercion and in my case.

I have a big protest today at a town hall for the pregnant woman that was thrown down to the ground by the NYPD.  If I've strength after that I want to go to a soul cycle class.   Since I have physical therapy for my neck first thing this morning I probably won't have the strength the least I can go to Soul Cycle and shop on October 1 significant day the day of pain and one that doesn't seem to heal.  

Soul cycle is giving me hope to begin to heal my body and my mind and I know the matter how bad I feel when I walk in I'm gonna walk out feeling better.    

Her probably be way too tired to do soul cycle tonight but at least I can shop Buy something new and your clothing line to support them it's remind myself of something new in my life that I love so much that gives me hope.

please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 
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