Sunday, October 5, 2014

Noa Soul Cycle Starve Your Fears Feed Your Dreams!

I always tell my Mom and of course she praised Noa and than went right back to Ms. Negativity so I texted her the mantra for the week from Noa at Soul Cycle.

(Note to those who don't know Soul Cycle is expensive but being obesity and the fall out of obesity is far more expensive and a killer.   After being a victim of a violent crime at a doctor's office in Soho, than of NYPD Abuse and the crime coercion, than Internal Affairs and than the Manhattan DA I really started to head towards obesity and even now I struggle with insomnia which can lead to obesity and Soul Cycle is the bomb for me!  The Fountain of Youth and Hope.)

What a great class....    I just don't have the arm moves and sexyass swagger down --- I don't understand music, the beat the count but I think I learned how to adjust my bicycle without trying to see the numbers since I can't see the numbers in the darkened class room....  a running punch to one's retina and a macular pucker plus way too many floaters can be a pain.

Noa was amazing and funny as usual.....

I am in shock -- bad bad insomnia but instead of a large surge in weight gain I continue to lose weight....

I can't believe it but withing scale told my iPhone which told Fitness Pal a free app that I weighed 155.6 so I am close to a 9 pound weight loss from my all time high 164 from the savage attack at Dr Andrew Fagelman's by the Ray Rice of medical reception desks.

I also learned today on what I couldn't believe Friday late afternoon when I got Judge Allison Nathan's dismissal of my case....a dear friend did a reality check for me today...yes the Judge's last sentence left the door open to pursue Justice on a State level.

I would like to Appeal and tell the Appellate court I appreciate that option and I am pursue it but first I want to APPEAL and here is why....   The defendants lawyer gave me proof that the NYPD Det lied in his DD5 and other police documents she included in her motion to dismiss and a several other issues...

My dream is to set a legal precedent that prevents innocent VICTIMS from having to go through the process of false arrest to sue and I really couldn't because I had a hole in my retina, floaters in both eyes, cervical damage to my cervical spine on top of not from the attack severe arthritis in my neck and a collapsed bladder from fibroid tumors  so therefore a Saturday 4pm false arrest would have been even more dangerous.  I didn't want even worse injuries or to end up like Eric Garner RIP.

If I can set a legal precedent that would be a dream come true.

I also want my attacker arrested for assault 2nd degree, menacing and a false cross complaint and the DA not the Manhattan because I filing a notice of claim to sue them can make a deal with her that includes Anger Management and learning that to lie and blame the victim and threaten the victim in a signed letter to her NYPD fixers crimes.  That is not the way to go violence and lies.  The NYPD and Internal Affairs have to be held accountable.

Thanks to all for being my witness and I know some of you have shared your horror stories so wish you and your loved ones healings.

I have major pain in my neck and a myriad of health issues but the one place I feel awesome hopeful and I now I can lose this middle age paunch is SOUL CYCLE!!!!!

If Noa can lose over 100 pounds in 2 years I can lose ten or 15 and it looks like I am almost there.  Wow!!!!!!!

Noa Soul Cycle Starve Your Fears Feed Your Dreams!

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